Selfie Stick Self-portrait Handheld Extendable Monopod Self-timer for iPhone 5S 5C 4 4S No-Bluetooth

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Selfie Stick Self-portrait Handheld Extendable Monopod Self-timer for iPhone 5S 5C 4 4S No-Bluetooth

  • Product is equipped with a switch,pull before use,please according to the mobile phone system,will switch to correspond to the phone's working mode.
  • For apple series products,do not need to install any software can be used,with take line,open the cameras can pictures.
  • Suitable model with(note:must be at least ios 5.0 version):iPhone5S,iPhone iPhone5C,iPhone 4,4S,3gs,the 2,3,the iPad4,the mini(ios 5.0.1,ios 5.1 or above),etc.
  • Don't need to charge snap away!!!
  • With This Selfie Stick Photograph and Video Yourself Wonderful Everywhere.

How To Use:

1) Open the camera,click on the gear shape icon set into the interface
2)the following picture,continue to click on the icon in the top right corner of the gear form into the nest layer menu.
3)in the following picture, to click on the icon on the right side of the gear shape layer to the next menu.
4)in the following picture,click on the "volume key...zoom key"to enter the next layer in the options menu.
5)in the left picture,choose "camera button"as pictured,exit set state can take line by remote control to use pictures.

Item Description:
For android mobile phone,because the android system for open systems,each brand can be modified according to its own ideas of mobile phone function,formulation,no unified standard,and even the same brand of different versions of the system design,the configuration is different also,so part of the mobile phone can not be used directly,you need to install a similar 360 camera APP to use.For such as:Samsung note3,note2,S4,GT-19128E system version a new configuration such as high mobile phone, do not need to install the APP,but need to change my camera settings,the GT-19128E,for example,other brands or models of mobile phone,please refer to the following instructions,combined with the actual situation of mobile phone set.

Package Content:
1*Phone Bracket

Item Details:

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