Driver Alarm Alert Anti Sleep Alarm Driver Alarm for Drivers Security Guards Without Mercury(Vibration)

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Driver Alarm Alert Anti Sleep Alarm Driver Alarm for Drivers Security Guards  Without Mercury(Vibration)

Item Features:

  • Stop, revive, Survive! Nap alarm gives instant warning if you nod off to sleep while driving.
  • Ever fallen asleep in a lecture? Nap alarm will gently and silently wae you up .
  • Excessive tiredness causes avoidable workplace injuries. Nap alarm will alert you if your head tilts forward in sleep .
  • Type: Vibration
  • Batteries:3*1.5V button batteries

Type: Vibration
Angle of the protection:15°~20°
Product size:80*45*15mm

1.Press on/off button in "on" position
2.Test that is is working properly by tilting it forward, if it vibrates/sounds then it is a working state.
3.Place behind your right ear and adjust, it should be placed correctly for effectiveness.
Your head should not nod more than 15-20 degrees (the less the better) , before it vibrates/sounds.
4.When the dvice is no longer required keep in OFF position .
5.For the protection of the device place back in its pouch and store with care out of direct sunlight and humidity, keep out of reach of children .

Package Content:
1*Vibration Driver Alarm II

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